Jianan Liu

Baltimore based illustrator
Lives with Notch the cat

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©Jianan Liu All Rights Reserved|2017-2022

Jianan Liu

©Jianan Liu All Rights Reserved|2017-2022

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About Jianan

Jianan is a Baltimore-based illustrator.

She was born in China and grew up in Beijing. After working for a year she went to the U.S. to continue her study. Jianan graduated from Maryland Institute College of Art with an M.F.A. in illustration in 2019.

Jianan's work focused on color and texture and she puts her imagination into her illustration to create a beautiful world. She often brings depth and space to the two-dimensional world makes her work vivid and lively.

Her work has been selected into:
World Illustration Awards, 2020 Society of Illustrators 61, American Illustration, 3x3 International Illustration Annual, Creative Quarterly

Selected Clients:
Target, Genesis Motion Design( LUX), Acura, Malala Fund, Marie Curie.org, Poetry Foundation, NPR, The Institute for Public Policy Research, Scientific American, NUVO Magazine, Chronicle Books, Macmillan, Hachette Children UK

Contact : Jiananliumail@gmail.com